Refund Policy

After you pay the first payment but before the second payment: 

(1) if the items have been purchased and the seller agree to have them returned, the items cost will be refunded deducting the service fee and domestic shipping fee; 

(2) if the items have been purchased and the seller don’t agree to have them returned, all the fees you paid will not be refunded. 

After you pay the second payment: 

If you have paid for second payment, but want to get refund by any reason, we can refund you the second shipping fee only. Because we have paid sellers item cost, and we have offered our service, you need to pay service fee. 

After we shipped packages: 

(1) If you cannot receive your parcel because of the customs reasons in your country, we are not responsible. Though we really want to help, we cannot negotiate with your local customs. 

(2) We always pack your packages very carefully, but if your packages got damaged by accident, we are not responsible for that. Because rough handling is out of our control. 

(3) After you received packages, the items you got are wrong, or any items are missing, we can get you refund. Because this is our mistake.