Our website was built up in 2021, but we have been doing shopping agent service for almost 11 years, We can handle almost everything you are interested in on taobao or any other shopping websites in China, but we can not deliver items that are prohibited or require special handling. For example, flammable, explosive, dry, liquid, powdered, paste, magnet, lighter, battery, controlled cutting tool, compressed gas and semi-manufactured.

We are more efficient and thoughtful than some other agents, After you make order, we promise that we would process your order within 24 hours. Besides, we are your taobao shopping helper, which means if you want more URL choices of the same item, we can help you, or you can't find any items you want on taobao, we can help too, this service is for FREE!

Company Name: Econ Technology ltd 

Address: Mill Lees Street, Swinton, Manchester, UK